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Separating the facts from the fiction in the exercise fraud.

Where Do I Turn?

It never ceases to amaze me about the amount of blatant fraud in the exercise industry. Why is this so? It is not obvious to the many involved, but just one must recognize the motivation. The incentive is due to the pure fact that the road to easy money is just around the corner. This is well illustrated in as someone once said, “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” I’d say way too much! I understand that a large number of the people involved with this business are well aware of their deceptions and there are also some “do gooders” with well intended purposes or so they think. However not so long ago, someone else once said; “The road to hell was certainly paved with good intentions.” The charade however is very evident to see. All you have to do is turn on your TV and switch through the channels. Within seconds, I will guarantee you that there will be some (mis) infomercial being shown or some advertisements filled with totally bogus claims intended for those with dreams with an impossible hurry to fulfill them. Regardless of the guarantees presented, they are simply false realities that appeal to the many ignorant. My advice is to avoid any such nonsense like the plague! Certainly there are plenty of DVDS, fancy machinery, and gadgetry that are there for the offering and plenty of suckers that are there for the taking. But sadly, there is not a one that will deliver the promises that are offered. Clever marketing, Georgeous Models, (Physical Specimens that owe it to their mommy and daddy), and dirty little lies disguise the fact that there is garbage being sold. Anything that they present, is of little or no demonstrated value. Nothing can be that easy or quick! These sub humans are guilty of telling you what you want to hear. This is the easy way for them to get to your money. But what about the “so called” annointed “scientific” experts and what do they have to say? As long as they are paid enough money, they will say whatever it takes to get their greedy hands all over it. There are however a few truths that can be summed up about such fraud. There will be and will have been thousands and thousands of hours of wasted time and money as a result of the consumers that are totally misled. Do you really think these “fitness” infomercials/commercials are intended to really help you? Think again and since there is no censorship, they will continue to rip off people for years to come.

The problem has always been, how do you separate fact from fiction? Who do you turn to believe, or what to believe? This has always been my contention, but in face of the typical outrages, I have remained interested for my own reasons with enlightened self interest. My goal has always been, how can we improve upon ourselves and how can that be applied to our clients? Ultimately the goal has always been to find the best style of exercise, while in doing so, turning my back on the crowd to conduct the right plan for you. The pure objective of exercise is health, well being, and increased functionality/physicality right? Yes, but from the standpoint of many, they will obsessively still cling to trends and fads as if they were the truth, the holy grail. The exercise industry today unfortunately is driven by these trends. These trends again have no way shape, or form anything to do with the actual requirements of productive healthy exercise. Proper, productive exercise can simply be reduced to 4 words, train hard – train briefly. Simply put, the best system of training that is far superior to anything else requires progressive muscular strengthening of your muscles. Addressing the Body with the Follow the logic of those 4 words (train hard – train briefly) and then back off rest. and allow for the body to compensate. Traet Exercise as it is Physical Medicine, Simple but Highly Effective dosage. For Over 30 years, I have successfully instituted exercise programs to people of all walks of life. Through the years of experience we can honestly say that less exercise “Dosage” delivers far greater benefits. Not only that we will find the exact amount of exercise necessary (precription) for you to achieve the best of all possible results. We can teach you a system that is so productive, but is yet so simple! Finally for the first time you will realize results beyond your expectations. The time is now to make the change you deserve!

© 2010 David Landau